The Software Craftsman, Chapter 9 & 10

For this week, I read Chapter 9 Recruitment and Chapter 10 Interviewing Software Craftsmen, from the book title The Software Craftsman by Sandro Mancuso. Chapter 9 takes a look at the picking process of hiring the best developers. Best developer’s identification is that developer must be passion for the craft. Chapter 10 explains the interviewing process that works both ways, the interviewer (who represents the company) and the interviewee (potential hiring candidate) looks for compatibility with each other. The interviewer checks whether the candidate is best fit for the company and the interviewee try to find out whether the company is best fit for him/her.

Chapter 9 explains in detail on attracting software craftsmen to a company. It also walks the reader on a journey on how to craft a job description. I feel like this chapter is the best read for anyone who would like to recruit or looking for the best developer for his/her company or organization. After reading this chapter, I would recommend this sole chapter reading to anyone who carries out the recruiting or hiring process at a company or organization. I believe the author did a fantastic job on covering and perfecting attracting and putting out description for a target and ideal candidate for a job.

In chapter 10, author covers the interviewing part of the hiring process. One emphasis of the author that I liked was when the author explains asking questions in the interview. According to the author, interview should not be only the company asking questions from the potential candidate, but rather the question process should be from both sides. If the candidate is a craftsman, then he/she must have questions for the company too. This way the company and candidate will insures that they both are best fit for each other.

This was very informative read especially on the job description and interviewing.

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