The Software Craftsman, Chapter 3 & 4

For this week, I read Chapter 3 Software Craftsmanship and Chapter 4 The Software Craftsmanship Attitude, from the book title The Software Craftsman by Sandro Mancuso. Chapter 3 describes what Software Craftsmanship is? Chapter 4 put emphasis on the importance on how to keep learning and develop yourself over time?

In chapter 3, author defines a software craftsmanship. One of the definition that I liked was when the author stated that “Software Craftsmanship is about professionalism in software development.” This definition explains what software craftsmanship or field craftsmanship should be all about. Software Craftsman must care about his/her clients and help them achieve whatever they want to achieve, always try to make himself/herself better at his/her craft, learn from other in the field, share his knowledge and best-of-all mentor less-experience individuals in the field.

In chapter 4, author put focus on learning by yourself and make the right and wise decision for yourself. Just like in The Clean Coder book this author also suggests that you should never rely on your employer to give you all the training and resources in order to improve your knowledge and skills. You should take charge and responsibility for your own learning, and develop your skills by yourself over time. Author offers many useful strategies to improve and keep yourself up-to-date with the changing industry. I personally like all these suggestions from The Clean Coder book and have implemented some already.

Both chapters were very enlightening in order to be successful in the software industry. I have already plead to follow all these suggestions from the previous book.

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