Sprint 6: Reflection FantasticFive

Sprint 6 was the last sprint of the class so we came together as a team and try to work together this sprint. We picked APTS-306 issue and later, APTS-340 issue from the Backlog.

APTS-306 description was not clear so asked for more clarification. Here is the description of APTS-306 issue:

“Users are requesting if “Patient Newly Enrolled in Second Line” indicator can be added under list of indicators used in clinic dashboard and data analytics”

We contacted the assigned AMPATH developer to the issue on JIRA (Robai). She got back to us with a little explanation, but referred us to AMPATH developer (Brain) that was in-charge of that part of the project. Brain took about a week to respond and in his respond told us that APTS-306 has been handled by APTS-238 issue, APTS-238 issue was already solved.

We did not have much time to work on another issue, but still we searched Backlog for an easy fix issue. Sudarshan picked APTS-340 issue to be a good issue to be consider in the remaining time. Here is the description of the APTS-340 issue:

“When adding “HIV” treatment program when user selects “date enrolled” and “date completed” it throws the following error “date enrolled or date completed should not be in future””

APTS-340 issue was a bug that needed to fixed. Sudarshan asked for more details on the issue from AMPATH team. We got a respond and were told that this bug has been already handled by another issue.

Throughout Sprint 6, we attempted two issues: APTS-306 and APTS-340. Unfortunately, both issues were already solved by other issues.

Take away from Sprint 6 was that we worked as a team. We communicated and collaborated highly through Slack and in-person to work on these issues. Now, we feel much more comfortable working and trusting each other. I believe the reason is that through the process of working together in this class we found out a lot about each other’s personalities. Each other strengths and weaknesses. I feel like working in a team is much more challenging than working individually. I learned that responsibility on individual in working in a team is much higher than working on your own because when you are assigned a task in a team, your team counts on you to deliver that task in time. If you cannot deliver that task then entire team’s delivery process delays which does not only make you look bad, but the entire team is a victim of that judgment. This was a good lesson learn for getting into the real-world.

I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with all my team members and getting to know them. Best of luck guys!!!

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