Sprint 5: Reflection FantasticFive

Team members decided to pick our individual issues and if some members want to work together on an issue that is fine. Sudarshan worked on NGPOC-184 issue, Tan worked on APTS-225 issue, and me and Angelito picked APTS-305 issue from the Backlog to work on. Towards the end of Sprint 5, we picked APTS-214 issue while waiting for AMPATH developers’ response on APTS-305 issue.

In the beginning of Sprint 5, I had lots of work due in my other classes. During Sprint 5, I needed to turn in lots of assignments and had to take three exams. I had managed to focus on this class while taking care of my other classes. Me and Angelito picked APTS-305 issue from the Backlog to work on. In the process, Sudarshan also helped us. The issue description was:

“ users suggested having an additional column of order type in  lab orders under Data Analytics ” Patient Requiring Viral Load Test” The additional column to display  order type e.g Viral Load,  DNA PCR and CD4”

So, we thought it is just a simple touch to the code. All we had to do was make a column with a name “Patient Requiring Viral Load Test”. We made the column and were done in just 15 minutes, but the simplicity of the issues was too good to be true. So, we decided to confirm it from the AMPATH team. While Angelito communicated with the AMAPTH developer; Sudarshan and I went on and picked another issue (APTS-214) from the Backlog.

APTS-214 issue description was:

“Currently user does not get any message to be sure that the locator map has been saved successfully and also the user can clear any existing map without a warning message that the changes made is not revertible.”

We needed some help on this issue. So, Sudarshan asked for more explanation on APTS-214 issue from AMPATH team.

We had a respond back on the APTS-305 issue from the AMPATH developer and she said that there was another ticket (APTS-229) issued on this same issue, and it has been solved by APTS-229 ticket. We had to dropped this issue.

Also, we had a respond for APTS-214 issue too. AMPATH team suggested that this issue needed to be taken care in another sprint. For now, we need to hold-on on this issue. We had to discard APTS-214 issue too.

In Sprint 5, we attempted four issues: NGPOC-184, APTS-225, APTS-305, and APTS-214. Sudarshan successfully pushed NGPOC-184 issue to the AMPATH repository and was accepted after some obstacles. Tan is working hard on APTS-225 issue. Me, Angelito, and Sudarshan worked on issues: APTS-305 and APTS-214, but we had to dropped both of the issues because one was already solved and the other was too early to implement or work on.

Sprint 5 turned out to be a pretty good sprint for our team because first, we got to solved the NGPOC-184 issue. Second, we acted more like a team than individuals working at the same table. Third, our communication had gotten so much better than the beginning of the semester. I believe our team is really “gelling” together. I am proud of all my team members. Go FantasticFive!!!

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