The Clean Coder, Chapter 13 & 14

I read two chapters that are very important for starting a professional career in the software industry. Chapter 13 Teams and Projects, explained the importance of gelled teams for successful projects and to some degree for successful businesses. Chapter 14 Mentoring, Apprenticeship, and Craftsmanship, elaborates on the need for teaching, training, supervising, and reviewing new computer programmers coming into the software industry.

In chapter 13, the author talks about a very important aspect of working in a team that is known as “gelled team”. In my academic career, I have personally experience both gelled and un-gelled teams. I strongly agree with the author that gelling is important for teams to work together, collaborate and communicate. Once team is gelled then they can plan better, they can solve problem together, and get things done together on time. I worked in a team where all the team members got along very well and understood each other. The result was that we worked together, supported each other, covered for each other and in some cases demanded from each other which resulted in quality work and on time delivery. In another group, all the team members did not bond together ever since the formation of the team. It resulted in disparity, miscommunication and unfinished work which badly reflected on the entire team.

In chapter 14, the author covers a topic that every rookie in any field is desperately searching for. I personally believe that a person learns a great deal from his mentor. That is why finding a good mentor that will teach you and makes a craftsman out of you is very hard. I believe to find a good mentor one must be a great apprentice first. Apprentice must be honest, hard-working and full of positive energy. Apprentice also needs to be respectful to gain his mentor’s trust and confidence. Only a great apprentice can become a great mentor and a great mentor can become a great craftsman.

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