Sprint 4: Reflection FanstasticFive

Our team continued working on NGPOC-184 issue. We changed up how the team should pick and solve issues.

Throughout Sprint4, I spent most of my time researching and trying to solve NGPOC-184 issue. I also tried to help one of the team member to connect to AMPATH test2 server. I received very helpful and informative links from Sudarshan regarding NGPOC-184 issue, but I still couldn’t come up with a solution for the issue. Although, Sudarshan was successful in solving the issue by himself with the help of AMPATH developer.

To increase our contribution to the AMPATH project, as a team, we decided to pick individual issues and try to solve it individually or with the help of chosen team members. Since Sudarshan contributed immensely to NGPOC-184 issue, he kept working on that issue. We tried looking for other issues, but they were all assigned. Couple days before Sprint4 ended, Dr. Wurst was waiting on get more issues from AMPATH team. Tan picked APTS-225 and is willing to let me work with him on this issue.

Sprint4 went by very quickly. We had small change of plans towards the end of the sprint, but everything else went great.

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