Sprint 3: Reflection FanstasticFive

During Sprint3 I kept learning more and more about Angular2 because I still don’t have strong hold on the language. I got couple of tasks done successfully: I accepted invitation from Jira and successfully connected to AMPATH test2 server. Our group also picked NGPOC-184 issue, started researching and tried to solve it.

I watched couple of videos on Angular2 which extended my knowledge on Angualr2. I also started looking at the ng2-amrs code and tried to understand and navigate through the code. I spent most of the time on learning about Angular2 and navigating through the existing code. Our team started working on NGPOC-184 issue. We spent some time on figuring out when, where and how to approach the issue.  Sudarshan found an informative blog that pushed us to the right direction.

I do not know if it was the issue or it is just our team, but we still need to work on our communication. Most of the NGPOC-184 issue was handled by Sudarshan. The rest of team members spent most of the time on researching and trying to help. I remember Sudarshan saying that this issue is a one-man issue. So, it might have been the issue, but I’m looking forward to more collaboration with my team members.

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