The Clean Coder, Chapter 11 & 12

The focus of this week read was: Chapter 11: Pressure and Chapter 12: Collaboration, from The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin. I can personally relate to these two topics covered in these chapters because I have been in these situations in my life. In chapter 11, Uncle Bob explains the creation, managing and avoidance of pressure. In chapter 12, he stresses on collaborating with other people and caring about your career, employer and colleagues.

All of us have been under pressure one way or another during our lives. Most people get panic, angry or messes everything up without thinking, slowing down and evaluating the situation with cold brain. This is exactly what Uncle Bob is trying to explain. Avoid pressure situations if you can, but if not, then the biggest accelerator to worsen the situation is to get panic and blaming others with anger. I have been in pressure situations where I have contributed to worsen it, then taking a back-step and understanding the full scope of the situation, and try to come up with a best solution. I personally feel like the four ways of handling pressure mentioned in chapter 11 would work great in avoiding and controlling pressure professionally. I specially agree with not panicking, communicate with others and get help. I have tried the communication and get help technique in the past and it worked great for me, but staying calm is a huge problem for me. I need to work on controlling my panic attacks during stressful situations.

Throughout my academic career, I believe that I have learn more through collaborating with others than I have learned individually by myself. That is why I strongly agree with Uncle Bob when he states that professionals pair-program because it is the best way to share knowledge with each other. I am a strong supporter of group projects and team collaboration because I feel like every person has something different to offer in a group or team which proves the point that two heads are better than one head.

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