Sprint 2: Reflection

Sprint 2 was our introduction to the OpenMRS project Ampath. Our main goal for the sprint was to build and install ng2-amrs, and install openmrs standalone 2.5. As a team, we all were successful in completing everything individually with each other collaboration.

For me personally, sprint 2 started very problematically. I could not build or install ng2-amrs on my local machine. I consulted with my team, the class and Dr. Wurst for help, but we could not figure out what was wrong? During the extended one week of sprint 2, Dr. Wurst introduced us to the different ways of organizing and contributing to projects on GitHub. Out of the three options, our group decided to go with the organizational flow of work. One of our team member made fork from ampath to organization and we all forked from organization. Then, we cloned our individual forked into our local machine. Applying this methodology helped me built and installed ng2-amrs on my machine with obstacles. What I was doing wrong in the beginning of sprint 2 is still mystery to me.

The lesson that I learned from Sprint 2 is that it is true that I was responsible for building and installing ng2-amrs on my laptop, but it really made things better and resulted in maximum outcome when our team collaborated with positive energy with each other. Team members were not thinking about themselves, but rather made sure that everybody in the team has built and installed ng2-amrs. I believe it was this team contribution that led to more discussions on the subject and challenges we were facing, and for that matter it resulted in more clarification of information and ideas. This proves that more can be solved and achieved with each other help and collaboration.

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