Week2: Signing up for different accounts

Second week on the final project went very quickly. We had a snow day last Tuesday and only one class Thursday for the week. On Thursday, we ran our first official project sprint. Our group succeeded in achieving every task except Complete Angular Tour of Heroes. We signed up for Trello, OpenMRS and installed WebStorm IDE on our individual laptops. Although, we installed everything on our separated machines, but we worked together as a team to make sure every team member got everything working correctly. We also post an introduction to OpenMRS community from our individual accounts. Tan created another channel for daily scrum standups.

From week2, I learned that working together as a group can be very efficient because if a member is stuck or doesn’t know something there is a good chance that another group member can fix that issue. So, you do not spend extra time on figuring out. I feel like we are lacking communication between our group members outside class, but I think it is because we are not that deep into the project. I also feel comfortable that through the daily scrum channel on Slack we can stay up-to-date in terms of where everybody is and where we need improvements.

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