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The Software Craftsman, Chapter 1 & 2

For this week, I read Chapter 1 Software Development in the Twenty-First Century and Chapter 2 Agile, from the book title The Software Craftsman by Robert C. Martin. Chapter 1 explains how the software developers have evolved over the years and what it means to be a developer of the 21st century. It also focuses … Continue reading The Software Craftsman, Chapter 1 & 2

The Clean Coder, Chapter 13 & 14

I read two chapters that are very important for starting a professional career in the software industry. Chapter 13 Teams and Projects, explained the importance of gelled teams for successful projects and to some degree for successful businesses. Chapter 14 Mentoring, Apprenticeship, and Craftsmanship, elaborates on the need for teaching, training, supervising, and reviewing new … Continue reading The Clean Coder, Chapter 13 & 14

Sprint 4: Reflection FanstasticFive

Our team continued working on NGPOC-184 issue. We changed up how the team should pick and solve issues. Throughout Sprint4, I spent most of my time researching and trying to solve NGPOC-184 issue. I also tried to help one of the team member to connect to AMPATH test2 server. I received very helpful and informative … Continue reading Sprint 4: Reflection FanstasticFive

Sprint 3: Reflection FanstasticFive

During Sprint3 I kept learning more and more about Angular2 because I still don’t have strong hold on the language. I got couple of tasks done successfully: I accepted invitation from Jira and successfully connected to AMPATH test2 server. Our group also picked NGPOC-184 issue, started researching and tried to solve it. I watched couple … Continue reading Sprint 3: Reflection FanstasticFive

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